Wholesale Fashion Jewelry

Wholesale jewelry

is available for purchase at by businesses and individuals. Tano fashion jewelry gives you the competitive advantage needed to increase profitability. We have done the work for you and scoured the earth for the most affordable and fashionable jewelry. Our product catalog includes a wide variety of Fashion Jewelry, Celebrity Jewelry, Fashion Necklaces, Bangle Bracelets, Fashion Earrings and Headbands.

We have dedicated employees, buyers and manufacturers in Southeast Asia who are trained in indentifying unique, quality fashion jewelry. It is imperative for the success of your business to carry distinctive fashion jewelry. Fashion jewelry wholesalers in general visit the same trade shows, exhibits and manufacturers in China and Thailand. The market is saturated with identical wholesale fashion jewelry and it seems every store offers the same merchandise. It’s not uncommon to go to trade show in the United States and see the exact fashion accessories in adjacent booths.

It’s a constant challenge to stay ahead of the competition and carry one of a kind fashion jewelry. In the market today, competing manufacturers copy profitable fashion jewelry. You must identify unique jewelry and take advantage of the window of time you have to be one of the few providers. In recent years, the wholesale fashion jewelry arena has become increasingly competitive.

We work hard to stay cutting edge and one step ahead of the fashion curve and our competition. You can count on Tano Jewelry to provide beautiful, quality wholesale jewelry at the most affordable prices. You must find a way to distinguish yourself from the competition. Our customers return to Tano Jewelry, because our jewelry sells.

Wholesale Costume Jewelry

from Tano Jewelry is the answer. We supply businesses worldwide and help our clients gain a loyal customer base and increase profits.

We are able to offer low wholesale prices enabling you to realize substantial gross margins. Wholesale prices are determined based on the cost of the items and quantity ordered. The larger the quantity or dollar amount ordered, the deeper the discount. You can start realizing benefits of true wholesale prices for orders as little as $200.00.

Allow us to compile a wholesale jewelry package that fits your business. Ask for our Bestsellers Plan, which includes the bestselling jewelry pieces that have been successful for our other wholesale partners. The Bestsellers invoice is priced at a little over $200 to satsify your first order minimum requirement. This is a proven invoice that is sure to be profitable for you business.


We are also able to manufacture custom jewelry if the quantity per one item is 100 units or more.

It is Tano Jewelry’s guarantee that we will contact you promptly and often within 24 hours.

Please complete the form below to receive detailed prices and information on our Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Plans:

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