Designer Headbands

We all love designer clothes, jewelry, home décor, but let’s be honest it’s just not worth the bags of money it costs. Luckily you don’t have to go to Rodeo Drive and break the bank just to get that look. We have beautifully designed headbands that look like the fashion industry’s top designers created them. You’ll fool everyone into thinking you spent buckets of money on these gorgeous pieces. Affordable? Check! Fashion forward? Check! A design for anybody and everybody? Check!

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Designer Headbands shouldn't cost hundreds of dollars and that's why we've scoured the fashion floors for the most affordable, trendy, chic styles. Pick your chic designer headband from our selection of one of a kind Tano Jewelry designer headbands.

Designer Headbands are the hottest headbands available! Every fashionista needs a Designer Headband in their closet to complete their celebrity look. Why spend $300 on a Designer Headband when you can buy a Tano Designer Headband for under $100?

Our designer headbands are unique, high quality, beautifully designed and more fun than any other. We only select vibrant colors, silky soft satin cloth and premium suede inlines for a comfy fit. These headbands are a steal at $12. Pick the perfect designer headband for you!

Why spend a lot on a designer headband when you can grab one right here at such a great price? All of these headbands are inspired by those seen on the runway and worn by the hottest Hollywood celebrities. Now you can get the same designer inspired look at just a fraction of the cost, from the elegance o Chanel, the simplicity of Marc Jacobs, or the funk of Betsey Johnson, you can grab a variety of designer headbands to suit your personal style.

A hot designer headband is the best way to dress up any outfit in your closet. Perfect if you're running out the door with little time to muss and fuss in front of the mirror, simply run a brush through your hair and throw in a stylish designer headband and you'll look elegant all day long. Designer headbands are also the perfect way to dress up the every day. Each day should be a stylish day, and there’s no easier way to elevate your style from frump to fashionable than with a designer headband in a beautiful hue. It takes only seconds to put in, yet transforms your hair from messy to chic.

Choose from a variety of colors and styles in designer headbands and you'll look chic all year long. Opt for light and beautiful colors during the summer months. This will keep your style feeling casual and laid-back to match your everyday summer apparel. Try pale pastels inspired by the beach, like light blues or sands, to stay looking cool all summer long. These tones will compliment the colors around you during the sweltering summer months, like the clear blue of the sky and the subtle beiges of the beach.

For those fall and winter months, don't be afraid to go bold! It's all about deep hues during the cold season, and there's no better way to incorporate that into your look than with a hot designer headband. Think deep reds and greens during this season, and you'll look spot on. This is also the time to experiment with those ever-trendy jewel tones like deep amethyst and turquoise. This will provide the perfect pop of color for your winter wardrobe.

If you like to keep things simple, try a basic designer headband style in a beautiful neutral color. This will allow you to wear a brightly colored handbag or shoe without clashing. Available in simple black and white styles, you can look perfectly pulled together all day long in this beautiful basic.

Inspired by the trendy styles of celebrities and fashionistas the world over like Nicole Richie and Sienna Miller, now you can sport the very same designer headbands styles they are, only you'll get yours at a discounted price! There's no need to pay top dollar for designer headbands, they're made of the same materials and feature the same simple designs, and no one will ever know you didn't empty your wallet for your stylish look!

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