Wood Bangles

Delectable, yummy, fresh all come to mind when you look at these candy colored bangles. I defy you to not love these bangles. Wear one for a understated look or combine multiple in many colors or the same. You can’t go wrong with these pops of color. Go bold with the bangles.

Parent Term: Bracelets

Wood Bangles in deliciously irresistible colors. You will not believe your eyes when you see these vibrant colors. Thin wood bangles that are nothing like you've seen before. Made from 100% Mango Wood and hand painted, you will do nothing but impress when you wear them.

Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Drew Barrymore are stacking bangles by the dozens. All our bangles are 100% sexy and ready to be rocked. These styles are made to order and your wrists will love you for it. Pictures don't do any justice. Don't miss out on one of Hollywood's hottest trends and stack your bangles for dramatic effect.