Wood Bracelets

For that great earthy look try a wood bangle bracelet. You’ll feel ethereal, beautiful and look like you didn’t even try! We have Coconut wood, multiple types of Thai wood, etc. Whatever look you’re going for, you’ll find it in these wood bangle bracelets.

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Wood Bangle Bracelets in chunky chic styles. All our wood bracelets are 100% wood and stretchable. Don't miss out on one of Hollywood's hottest trends and show off your big wood bracelet for dramatic effect.

Coconut Bracelets give you a natural bohemian fashion look without sacrificing style. All Coconut Bangle Bracelets are hand made from 100% coconut wood. Natural wood grains and color make these coco bangles a beautiful fashion choice. Choose your favorite natural style today!

If you are going for a funky, cool, wildly sophisticated look, then you need to invest in some wood bangle bracelets. Their bright colors compliment tan and fair skin alike. Our wood bangle bracelets are vibrant and will change the complexion of any outfit. There’s something undeniably ethnic about wood bangle bracelets as well, so wearing them will also make you feel exotic and gorgeous. Carry a little bit of mystic with you by coupling jeans and a wife beater with some brightly colored wood bangle bracelets – or spice up a formal dress, to give your outfit and your attitude a little verve!

For funky, hippie inspired style, try wood bangle bracelets to compliment your favorite casual attire. If you love the style of fashion mavens like Sienna Miller or Ashlee Simpson, then wood bangle bracelets should be at the top of your list of favorite accessories. Ashlee is never afraid to go bold and colorful to showcase her own personal style, and you shouldn't either. And, at such great prices, now you can afford to stock up on all of your favorites.

Try the season's hottest trend of bold, saturated colors with wood bangle bracelets in deep blues and reds. These colors are the perfect accessory to take you into fall; paired with a rich scarf, you'll never look more stylish.

If you like the boho style of Sienna, opt for layering many wood bangle bracelets in a variety of neutral, earthy tones. Not only will these colors go with any outfit in your closet, but they'll also show the world that you're a fashionable flower child!

Wood bangle bracelets are the perfect beach accessory because they're so comfortable, durable and fun! Express your laid-back summer style with bright and bubbly colors of bright pink and green. The secret to wearing oversized accessories in bold colors is to compliment your outfit, not match it. Looking too "matchy matchy" can be a fashion disaster. The aim is to go bold with one piece to draw attention, not to go bold on all your pieces. Pairing your favorite green ballet flats with a green bag and green wood bangle bracelet is over the top. Instead, try your flats with a neutral bag and pop of green on your wrist, or even better, layer your green bangle with another rich brown bangle. Brown is the perfect color to take all of your favorite summer pieces into fall. Pair any color with brown and you've got a rich, seasonal, stylish ensemble.

When adding pieces of jewelry, remember, less is more. If you're going bold layering chunky wood bangle bracelets, don't opt for an eye-grabbing necklace too. People won't know where to focus their eyes and you'll end up looking messy. Compliment statement pieces with neutral tones and, when layering, keep colors in the same family. Different shades of blue or orange would look gorgeous layered on top of each other. You can also add interest to any outfit by varying the styles or the pieces. Chunky, oversized bangles look great alongside thin ones.

These beautiful wood bangle bracelets are made completely of wood and painted in a beautiful hue inspired by the season's hottest colors and given a rich finish. No one will ever guess you got your wood bangles at such a great price! Embrace this season's hottest colors and stock up on all your favorite styles.

Have you ever seen coconut bracelets? If you have not, then you definitely need to, because they are the end all, be all in bohemian bracelet trends today. It is a guarantee that you have never before seen anything like them! They are more than funky, more than stylish. When you wear coconut bracelets, you will be a bohemian princess. You may feel like you should be strolling the beach in Hawaii or wandering the primrose paths of trendy, artistic San Francisco. Coconut bracelets are both elegant and exotic, and by wearing them, you will evoke those elements as well.

Stand out in a crowd with the artsy styling of the coconut bracelet. You'll never be pegged as one who follows the fashion crowd again. These exotic wood bracelets made of 100% coconut wood are the go-to boho-chic fashion item. They're not only available in a wide range of styles, but they'll go with any outfit in your closet. The style of the bracelets is so simple, and the naturally occurring leopard pattern of the coconut wood is so exotic, they'll take any outfit from bland to fabulous in seconds flat. Inspired by the tropics of Hawaii and the Caribbean, these fun and chunky coco bangles are the perfect way to express your own exotic style. Don't be afraid to wear them and be confident. Available in such a wide range of styles, yet all in complimentary colors, they have the ability to dress up any outfit in your closet and take you from shabby to chic.

If you want to be fashion-forward and express funky style, go bold and layer a variety of different styles of coconut bracelets on your wrist. They'll add interest to your outfit and have people asking just what kind of bracelet you're wearing and where you got them. Another great thing about these exotic bracelets is that they're so lightweight, you'll forget you're wearing them at all. Fashion doesn’t have to be uncomfortable after all!

If you want to try out the season's hottest jewelry trends but still maintain your bohemian sensibility, try an exotic coconut wood bracelet in a stylish design. They come in this season's trendiest colors and styles, yet still offer the beauty of the natural coconut wood to remind you that you're not a slave to fashion. Try layering an ultra-stylish coconut bracelet with a simple natural wood-grain one to add interest and up the style factor. Anne Hathaway did just this in the trend-setting movie The Devil Wears Prada. Earth tones are always in style because they’re inspired by nature. Layering different hues of the same style is ultra-chic and, when paired with a hot dress, coconut bangles can transform you from beach bum to fashionista in no time.

If you’re worried that a bangle is too casual for the office, you’re wrong! With the right style and color, you can rock this fashion trend and still be professional and pulled together. The key to pulling off wood bangles in the office is all about shape: elegant styles with simple lines are your best friend when it comes to wearing bold fashion accessories. Try an oversized, yet still simple style to compliment any outfit, whether it's a pulled-together power suit or trendy dress and heels. These stylish and sophisticated coconut bracelets are available at such a great price; you can stock up on all of your favorites and wear a different style every day of the week!