Striped Headbands

Stripes, stripes, stripes! Do they ever go out of style? Nope, that’s because they always look great. Wear them horizontal, vertical or diagonal…any way you choose you’re sure to get noticed. Pick your favorite color, your favorite striped design and stand out in any crowd. Wear the striped headbands in every season in any color and enjoy the compliments.

Parent Term: Headbands

Striped Headbands are the perfect solution to those bad hair days. With classic stripes in new, fabulous colors you will feel and look great everyday. Retro fashion is back in Hollywood and there is no better way to be on the cutting edge of celebrity style than to pick out your favorite headband with stripes and make it your own.

Striped headbands are one of the most fashionable ways to dress up any outfit in your closet. Perfect for those days when you hit the snooze button on your alarm clock one too may times and are rushing out the door with little times to spend in front of the mirror, a striped headband can complete your look and take you from frump to fashionable in a matter of seconds.

Striped headbands are the perfect accessory for the girl who likes to add a little vintage flare to her style. The colorful designs are reminiscent of the styles of 1960's mod fashion icons. If mini-dresses and thigh high boots are your idea of vintage style ala fashion icon Twiggy, then striped headbands are the perfect style for you.

If you like to keep things a little more subtle, but still want to add a pop of vintage flare to your outfit, try a striped headband in a more subtle patter or color. When it comes to dressing well it's all about balance. Simple styles can handle a burst of bold color, while funky shapes should be balanced with more neutral and subdued hues. At such a low price, you can grab a few different styles of striped headbands to complement any outfit in your closet!