Skinny Headbands

The skinny headband is a very classic look. It’s never over the top and provides a very fashionable statement. One of the many great things about skinny headbands is that they defy the “age inappropriate” belief when it comes to hair accessories. You will look great at any age in our skinny headbands. We have so many beautiful designs to choose from there is sure to be one for everyone. From solids to jewel-accented to animal print and beyond. Snatch this classic look in your favorite motif and enjoy!

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Skinny Headbands are one of the new headband fashion trends. Made of soft cotton, nylon, wire or silk charmeuse a skinny headband is light, comfortable and lovely! You will appreciate the delicacy of our skinny headbands whether you choose a trendy design or a classic black or white.

Skinny headbands are one of the hottest accessories to hit the scene this season. Available in a variety of styles and colors, the skinny headbands will be your go-to item to keep you looking chic and stylish no matter what the occasion.

If you’re a traditional girl, try a skinny headband with classic styling. A simple fabric band will give you the look of chic-sophistication you crave. Because this headband is so stylishly simple, you can go bold on the color. Think Charlotte from Sex and the City- bright reds or jewel tones are the perfect hue to make your outfit pop. For a sweet look, try a skinny headband adorned with a delicate metallic bow. This will transform any outfit from drab to fab, and the metallic will provide a pleasant surprise. Another option for the traditional gal is a designer inspired skinny headband. These styles are available in the classic houndstooth pattern and are available in a variety of basic colors so they'll go with anything in your closet.

For the girl who likes to add a little vintage flare to her wardrobe, try a skinny headband in a colorful retro style. If you want to channel a 1950's siren, try a skinny headband in red or navy in checker print. The bold pattern will pop against the elegant sophistication of this thin headband staple. And don't get stuck in that matching rut! A bright shot of red will "go" with any neutral outfit in your closet.

If you're into the vintage style of 1960's mod and the hippies of the 1970's, try a skinny headband in a bright array of patterns and colors. These colorful gems will provide the right amount of pop to compliment any outfit. A style so bold, it doesn’t have to match!

If you like to take chances and live on the edge, then jump on the hottest celebrity trend in accessories and grab a wire headband for yourself. Now you can bring out your inner pirate and dress your tresses with a skull headband...a Hollywood staple.

But, if you're a beautiful basics kind of girl, opt for a traditional skinny headband in basic colors like black, metallic or gold. They'll give you the versatility you crave while still adding that extra shot of style to every outfit. And, you can jump in on this season's jewel-toned accessories- a bright turquoise or elegant amethyst hue with a matching shoe is the perfect amount of color to elevate your every day look.

Also, try a snakeskin headband. This is another basic will always be in style and is available in a wide range of colors to compliment any item in your wardrobe. It's the perfect accessory to disguise a bad hair day and keep you mane looking stylish all day long. Pull your hair back in a low ponytail and add a skinny headband, and you’ve got an effortlessly chic hairstyle to take you from day to evening.

Pick your favorite skinny headband that you’ll enjoy wearing for years. Chic and bold, go for the thin headbands and create a style that suits you! There are so many adjectives to describe double headbands, but they truly look beautiful with your daily wear and certainly add to style to your outfits. Available at extremely low prices, they are a great value add to your headband collection.