Scarf Headbands

Wearing a scarf in your hair can prove to be a difficult and frustrating endeavor. It slips down or even flies off! We’ve got your solution, the scarf headband by Tano Jewelry. In the silkiest fabric, most enchanting patterns and with the comfort to feel like it’s not even there! You’ll fool them all into thinking you’ve actually tied on a scarf. They come with an elastic band in the back so the scarf headband stays in place with the greatest of ease and comfort. The band in the back can even be used to pull a ponytail through for a great hairstyle. There are so many options for ways to wear these scarf headbands you’ll love the versatility.

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Scarf Headbands are here in an array of patterns, prints and colors. A scarf headband provides a more comfortable alternative to the traditional plastic or metal headband. Scarf headbands are versatile and can accessorize beach wear, athletic gear, everyday wear and night attire.

Stretchy and stunning, with an elastic band and two silk tails, it commands attention. Enjoy a light weight and comfy scarf headband in a fabulous print, which adds color and excitement to any outfit. Simply a great way to keep hair off your neck or face, so why not spice up an outfit with the perfect scarf headband?

Scarf headbands are a beautiful and elegant way to dress up any look. Popularized by the likes of the always fashionable Nicole Richie, the right scarf headband can transform your look from drab to fab.

Available in a wide range of colors to suit your every outfit and any mood, try an elegant and feminine scarf headband for any day of the year. Paired with the perfect pair of jeans and an oversized bag, you'll look boho-chic in an instant.

If you're looking to add a little retro glam to your wardrobe, try a scarf headband in a classic polka dot pattern. These headbands are reminiscent of 1950's fashion icons like Sophia Loren and Audrey Hepburn. Scarf head bands also channel the hippie-chic style of the 1960's when bell bottoms and layers were all the rage.

You can also get a gorgeous, bold floral pattern to match an over-the-top personality. These colorful hair accessories are the perfect addition to any outfit in your closet. Throw them on in an instant and your hair goes from boring to glam. Plus, if you don't have time to waste fussing with your in the morning, a fashionable headband is the perfect solution. Run a brush through your long mane, throw in a stylish headband and you can look pulled together and ready for anything that comes your way.

If you're into the 1960's mod fashion scene, try a retro scarf headband in a bold swirling pattern. These channel the fashion divas of the 60s unlike any other style can. Available in a variety of different colors, they'll go with anything in your closet. Because they make such a bold statement, you don't have to worry about matching, they're not meant to match!

If your style tends to ere more on the sensible and traditional side, you can still pull of a chic scarf headband! Try one in a classic plaid pattern to convey a look of preppy-chic. The pattern is so beautiful and intricate; it will complete your outfit like nothing else can. Wear your scarf headband with your hair down and flowing around your shoulders for a soft and feminine look, or, really channel a 1960's fashionista with a blunt bob and add a scarf headband to top off the look. If you're rushing out the door with no time to waste, any headband looks great with hair pulled back in a low pony or up high with a messy bun. There are endless options to dress up your look with a headband!

You can also try out this season's hot trend of saturated jewel tones. There are a variety of scarf headbands available in deep blues and oranges that are perfect for this season's trends. You're look will never look so complete, and you'll never feel so gorgeous!