With more than 12 million albums sold in just over four years, Rihanna definitely knows music. But that’s not all she knows. Known for her fabulous style on stage, in videos, and in public, she’s regularly hailed as a fashion trend setter. Combing sexy and playful looks, she’s able to keep her look fun and enticing all at the same time. Whether you love her music or you just love her sense of style, you’ll love these accessories that will make your wardrobe a little more fabulous.

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Rihanna, who has also got a real name called Robyn Rihanna Fenty, She is the Caribbean island singer from Barbados. The producer of the music, Rogers Evan, who was all along with his business colleague Carl Sturken, helped Rihanna in the soundtrack with the demonstration to be sent to the record labels like Def-Jam, who initially discovered Rihanna in Barbados. Rihanna is in the spotlight from the time when she is still 15 years old, as well as she exactly knows how to wear clothing on the red carpet. Rihanna's fashion sense, in addition to always had guys lined up to stand under her umbrella.

Make-Up Sense: Rihanna is definitely one of the most fashionable celebrates at the VMAs as well! She looks at her usual remarkable self with lovable makeup with the little edge to her hair, as well as with lots of beautiful sparkling jewelry. She always kept it very uncomplicated with luminous princess cut jewelry, leaving for the glam with her stunning silvery procession link ring. We love the choice of layered bracelets as well: the three row luminous tennis bangle goes totally with the extensive silver mesh bangle.

Her revamped look is all due fashion experts who have been working with her from past five months: Rihanna fashion team consists of the hairstylist Shorter Tippi, the makeup artist Morales Mylah and the celebrity inventor extraordinaire Haenn Mariel. And the other crewmembers everywhere with Rihanna — the limo, dressing room, and hotel room ECT.

Jewelry Trend: Rihanna always likes wearing all different types of fashionable jewelry, but she is not spectacularly flashy about that at all. Rihanna wore an amazing diamond earrings as well as her-hair pinned back as she explained her growth to the top of the music charts in addition to how Jay-Z took her under his arm. She sat flawlessly balanced between TV's most unapproachable people. Barbados born song stress Rihanna was earlier spotted on MTV’s TRL was wearing a necklace as well as bracelet from Pianegonda’s sparkling Love collection.

We just adore her choice of jewelry here matching jewelry sets might be hard to pull off devoid of looking too catchy catchy, but she looks typically stunning where ever she goes. Her beaded stone necklace as well as the earrings has a cool costume jewelry experience to them that is not her common style, and she does pull it off without a flaw! Of course Rihanna can probably wear the garbage bag as a dress with out any accessories along with she will still look insanely beautiful.

The Rihanna a small girl did so many things live as well as did it every thing very much naturally. Which puts a question in every ones mind. That Why do so stars feel the require to use sex as a trick or else the eye catching illustrate when accentuating unusual beauty can be still sexier than presentation of your stomach? Rihanna is the just right example of this but her alteration did not come about overnight.