Pin Up Necklaces

The “pin-up girl” came to fame in 1941. Pin Up fashion has stood the test of time showcasing beauty, joyfulness and fun loving spirit. Pin Up’s celebrate the femininity and liberation of women.

It’s safe to say that if you are a fan of pin up or simply want to celebrate your femininity, these handmade pin up necklaces will bring a smile to your face and spice to your outfit. By combining the fashionable trend of long pendant necklaces and timelessness of pin up art you are sure to make a statement when wearing these pieces. Each pin up is hand selected, bonded to brass and coated with acrylic. The chains are 14 karat gold plated.

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Today in the world of jewelry, many are trying to find new and interesting ways to make a statement. A new trend is growing in the need for unusual and beautiful jewelry. Many individuals simply love anything and everything that says they are into a certain era or time period. Pin ups are no exception. If you love the pin up girl era of times gone by, then why not let everyone know with a beautiful piece of jewelry made exclusively for lovers of the pin up era or the females who often portrayed themselves as so.

Lovers of 50's jewelry and 40's jewelry are found in many trends and fashion accessories, but not many know that there is now beautiful jewelry that showcases faces and the beautiful statures of pin up women who were famous in their time. A pin up on a poster or in a magazine is fairly common and remakes of posters and such are printed all the time. However, you do not often see them in fashionable and exquisite made jewelry. Now there is a line of jewelry out that quenches your thirst for the pin up craze.

Rockabilly jewelry is also made. The 50's rockabilly craze is captured in these fine jewelry pieces as well. This jewelry truly shows that the pin up women years ago, are still in fashion but with a sleek modernized look. This fashion trend is screaming out to be worn and lovers found around the world that love everything pinup will feel complete until they own every piece in the pin up line of jewelry. You can also be sure that you will see celebrities and such taking this jewelry and rocking it, so now is the time to get yours before they are all gone.

Owning a piece of trendy, fashionable jewelry that makes a great statement is easy with this new line. The craftsmanship is also seen in the whole line of pin up and rockabilly designs and you will have many comments and questions on where you got them. Of course, it is clearly up to you on whether you will want to share that information or not. You may want to keep the secret all to yourself, but in the end when word gets out about the line, you will definitely not be able to keep it a secret for long. This jewelry has a flair that showcases the wearer as well. The jewelry makes many statements when worn and is very affordable. The apparent craftsmanship that goes into this line of pin up jewelry is clear in each adorable piece.