Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton Fashion has taken the world by storm. Her style is hot and fresh. We showcase paris hilton jewelry that is similar to the styles we carry at Tano Jewelry. Fall in love with the latest Paris Hilton fashion trends below.

Paris Hilton is the daughter of Richard Hilton and actress Kathy Richards. Paris Hilton is oldest of the four children. With her three siblings, Nicky, Barron Hilton II plus Conrad Hilton III, she is inheritor to the substantial Hilton fortune that has been built on a victorious real estate and hotel business.

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Style Guide: Today we need to look into the world of Paris Hilton Style; she is one of the most inspiring and mimicked women in fashion. As Paris herself claimed "It does not matter what the woman's looks are, if she is confident enough, she is sexy. It does not matter what size, what color eyes you have like if you are confident then you are a nice person as well as sweet, and funny.

Paris never does things silently and especially when it comes to photos. Paris selects only the brightest colors, boldest prints and her accessories are always based on the latest fashion trends.

Paris Hilton Style: Hip sweat suits go fine for daytime actions; en suite hoodies, lean sweatpants, as well as flippy skirts made by the Juicy, Primp as well as 2 B Free are her personal favorites. Further specifics: denim is the real rarity, except it is in the shape of a mini along with anything lingerie enthused. She is a big fan of lace trimmed negligees and tank tops.

Hair: Not like her brunette sis, Paris is never ever observed without her lightened blonde hair. Whether she wears her hair long, curled, a stunning up do, or a Barbie ponytail her hair is always special.

Make Up: Paris has bright blue eyes that are actually not all they appear. Her eyes are in fact a dark green. She prefers to wear colored lenses and they definitely don’t limit her fashion matching from head to toe. To imitate her eye make up, choose shimmery eye shades in either pinks or else bronzes. Make use of a charcoal shade in your crease, as well as a white shadow in your brow bone. Never forget the chief black liquid eyeliner, as well as lashings of mascara.

Fashion: Lately Paris has been going with a more simple, classy style. He color choices have been more muted and she has even been seen in dark leathers.

Clothing Line - Paris Hilton has caused some chaos in Los Angeles when she launched her latest clothing line at the stylish boutique. Hilton said at the launch of her personal new shoes, T-shirts as well as jeans, "It is the dream come true to contain my personal clothing line. It is just in a Paris style: that is fun, bright as well as flashy. They are in fact very comfortable as well as affordable.