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Nicole Richie was born in Escovedo on 21 September in the year of 1981. Nicole’s father was the Latin percussionist Peter Escovedo III. Her father was the member of Lionel Richie’s group and Nicole frequently attended shows and recording gatherings where she rapidly became the set mascot. At the age 3, Escovedo permitted Nicole to live in with Lionel plus his first wife, and later he gave his paternal rights and the Richies formally adopted her.

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Nicole Richie entered the public interest when appeared with heiress Paris Hilton on the Fox show The Simple Life. The show re-located the socialites to the working class circumstances and established a loyal following. And even though ratings fell in following seasons, viewers where able to see Nicole Richie fashion, bubbly personality and charming manner. Only recently, in the last few years has Nicole established herself as a leading fashionista in Hollywood. She combines the latest fashions with her own personal style.

Nicole Richie launched her personal perfume line and is letting everyone know that the best is yet to come. She is tapping into her business side and the 25 year old star doesn't look to be slowing down. She told Britain's OK! Magazine that she is working on a style book as well as launching a jewelry and accessory line including a sunglasse line.

Fashion: Nicole Richie is often seen in a pair of jeans a cute v neck loose fitting t-shirt a head scarf and large sunglasses. One of her favorite jeans is the Paige Best Denim Laurel Canyon 5 Pouch jean which has a funky look that is perfectly paired with attractive flats. Jessica Simpson always has a very good reliable Louis bag that she carries. Well, Nicole forever seems to have a Balenciaga Motorcycle handbag in different colors. She picks and chooses remarkable accessories like retro glasses and lots of skinny Bangles. It will be very interesting to observe Nicole soon trying to fit into her old fashionable clothes after recently giving birth to a beautiful baby. She can always fall back on her patented sweatpants and retro t-shirt while looking like the fashion diva she is.

Nicole is perfect example of being at the height of style while still being super comfortable. To dress like Nicole Richie, search out a short sleeve v-neck white tee. This tee will also be seen this summer on fashionistas like Jessica and Ashlee Simpson. Accessorize your self with a gold ring necklace and some gold bangles with some big round shades.

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