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A Big WOW!

I just wanted to inform you that today I received the headbands, WOW! Everything is wonderful, such nice headbands… all of them! I LOVE THEM! I am glad you told me about these, all are shiny metallic as I wanted 🙂

If you ever get more in other colors (vivid leather colors puffy) – Orange, Purple, Yellow, Fuschia, Light Pink, Light Blue, Red, etc… don’t forget about me!

Ernesto – Mexico

Headbands Purchased – Metallic Headbands

Loved Everything, Should’ve Bought More

I received my order and I loved everything. The only thing I would change is that I should have bought more.

Thank you!

Marie- VA

Earrings Purchased – Teardrop Thread Earrings

Will Shop Again

Just sending you an email to let you know that I just received my order in the mail and everything was correct. Thank you so much for taking the time to do that for me! I appreciate it very much, and I will definitely do business with you again! Thanks again so very much!

Melanie – GA

Headbands & Fashion Jewelry Purchased – Peacock Headband, Black Headband, Plumeria Bundle, Scarf Headband

Loves Her Headbands!

I love my headbands! Thank you so much for the extra touch of placing them in the purple storage bags.

So very neat in my drawer! Mad Cool!

Maggie – CA

Headbands Purchased – Wide Headbands

Will Shop Again

I received the earrings today, I love them, thank you for the quick shipping, great packaging & super cute earrings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will shop again for sure!!!!!!!!

Meegan – NJ

Earrings Purchased – Gold Clover Earrings

Fast Shipping

Awesome service! Couldn’t believe how quickly my order arrived. I am very happy with my purchase.

Sherry – WI

Cuff Bracelets Purchased – Silver Metal Cuff

Loved all the Pieces

I received my jewelery order today, and I loved all the pieces!! The stuff I got was even nicer than it looked in pictures. Please keep me updated with any sales or specials.

Lisa L. – VA

Headbands Purchased – Jewelry Set, Cuff Bracelet

Everything is Perfect

Everything arrived and is perfect. Thanks.

Susan- VA

Headbands Purchased – Skinny Headbands

Great Headbands

I received the headbands and they are great – thank you for your thoughtfulness!

Eleftheria – US Military Location

Headbands Purchased – Fashion Headbands

Lovely Items

I got my package today. I just wanted to say that the items are lovely and fit so well. I look forward to purchasing more items from you. Have a great weekend. 🙂

Desanne – United Kingdom

Headbands Purchased – Solid Color Headbands

Will be Ordering Again

Thank you very much for your quick response. I figured it was probably just a glitch. I’m excited to have found your website. (I found it on google) and will definately be ordering from you again.

Karen – MA

Headbands Purchased – Jelly Headbands

Happy with Headbands 🙂

I recieved my headbands today. I love them. Thank you for wrapping them so nicely. It was noticed and appreciated.

Melanie – CT

Headbands Purchased – Pink Headbands

Another Happy Customer

I received my order yesterday and it is fantastic!

Sue – CA

Headbands Purchased – Skinny Headbands

Loves Tano Headbands

I love my headbands thanks to Tano!

Daphne – CA

Headbands Purchased – Bow Headbands

Perfect Birthday Present

Thank you so much for your response. I have ordered the headbands and I’m sure they will help my daughter have a very nice birthday. I do appreciate your help.

Polly – TN

Headbands Purchased – Plaid Headband, Polka Dot Headband

Love the Items and Fast Shipping!

Thank you so much, Sam. I love the items – thanks for the super fast shipping!

Andra – CA

Headbands Purchased – Plaid Headband, Thin Headband

Top Quality – Better than the Pictures!

I just felt like I needed to send you an email on how ridiculously fast you shipped those items! I got them this morning, and wow! Top quality look better than in the picture, came in a cute purple bag and I will deffinitly return to your site again!

Justen- IL

Fashion Jewelry Purchased – Fashion Headbands

Loves Tano Jewelry!

Love, Love, Love EVERYTHING!

Sherlane – PA

Fashion Jewelry Purchased – Fashion Necklaces, Cuff Bracelets

Satisfied and will Buy Again!

I received my headbands and the extra one you threw in.

I am very satisfied and will buy from you again!


Fashion Jewelry Purchased – Head band

Amazingly Fast Shipping!

Just ordered my items & already received them 3 days later!! Amazingly fast shipping! Would definitely buy from again.

And P.S. when you get headbands they come in cute little baggys that you can reuse for gifts or anything.

Sarah – NH

Fashion Jewelry Purchased – Designer Headbands, Striped Headbands, Plaid Headbands

Prompt Responses

Thank you for the prompt email. Yes, you may substitute the imperfect natural brown for the orange. I certainly also appreciate you upgrading my service to Priority mail at no extra charge. Thanks for the great service!

Sheila – MD

Fashion Jewelry Purchased – Metal Cuff Bracelets

Great Products!




Mary – PA

Fashion Jewelry Purchased – Shell Necklace

Great Products!

I received my packaged today already. Thank you for your quick shipping and great products!.

Emily – CO

Fashion Jewelry Purchased – Headbands

Quality Customer Service

Thank you so much for the quick response and happy news. I look forward to receiving my items and will spread the word on your great costumer service. Thanks for all your help.

Kiersten – NJ

Costume Jewelry Purchased – Head band

Excellent Customer Service

Thank you very much – I received my order and am delighted with the items – thanks for your excellent customer service.

Viji – TX

Costume Jewelry Purchased – Headband

A Special Thank You
Thanks Sam, I have received the shipment and like all the products I ordered.

Julie- MO

Fashion Jewelry Purchased – Fashion Headband, Bangle Bracelets

A Special Thank You

I am 52 years old and currently disabled, but I still like to look fashionable. I was searching online for a place to buy resonably priced and comfortable headbands and I came across Tano Jewelry.

You have so many headbands to choose from! I bought three of the headbands on sale and they are in fine shape, there is not a thing wrong with them! I plan on buying more headbands and more jewelry. I bought a beautiful pair of earrings.

Everything is packaged so beautifully and I was so impressed with that, how quickly my purchases arrived and also the nice email from Mr. Shifrin telling me that my order had been shipped. This is REAL customer service, something that we all used to at one time but something that is sorely lacking in this world.

Thank you everyone at Tano Jewelry, for your find products, your reasonable prices that make it possible for everyone of all ages and economic circumstances to afford nice pieces and for your outstanding customer service. I am now and will always be a loyal Tano Jewelry customer.

Sincerely yours,
a VERY happy customer,
Sandie Gibson

Headbands Purchased – Head bands

Aloha From Hawaii!

Aloha Sam, I would like to thank you folks for the updates on my order. I appreciate the work you do and thank you again for doing it. Have a great day! Mahalo

Madison – HI

Headbands Purchased – Jelly Headband

Perfect Jewelry for Work

Thank you for my bracelet. I wore it to work the next day . I love it and yes, I love all the other things I ordered as well. I have had a lot of compliments on the long silver necklace. I wore it today!!! And everyone loved the pink bracelet I wore yesterday. I am so happy that I lucked out and found your site.

Liz – MS

Fashion Jewelry Purchased – Shell Bracelets, Natural Wood Earrings, Celebrity Jewelry

Lovely Pieces

I got my order today! I love the pieces so much that I already started wearing the black clover set. I love how versatile and unique the pieces are. And you are right I do have great taste =) (And so do you!) Thank you so much also for the free gift of earrings. I love the colors. When people ask me where I got my accessories from, I’ll definitely tell them to head your way.

Linnea – CA

Costume Jewelry Purchased – Jewelry Sets, String Earrings, Wood Cuff

Awesome Service & Products

I just wanted to thank you for the awesome service & products. I am a first-time customer who will now be a regular customer… Thank you!

Cindy – MD

Headbands Purchased – Fashion Headbands

New Customer!

I received my new earrings and the bracelets you gave me on Friday, what a kind surprise! Thank you so much they are all beautiful. You have a loyal customer here!

Michele – CA

Fashion Jewelry Purchased – Thread Earringsc Bangle Bracelets

Affordable Fashion Accessories

Not being a up to date person on womens fashion at all, I reverted to the internet to find some things for my two daughters for Easter Outfits. I typed in headbands into Google and your site came up in the top two. I was planning on spending a lot, knowing how much money women spend on clothes, but was very surprised at how affordable your prices were. Not knowing what was hip and cool I let my daughters, 12 and 15, pick out there top 5 things each, told them I would get 2 of those things but surprised them with all 5 things! Needless to say I was the coolest dad on the block, and the girls are thrilled that they are wearing the same thing as Paris and Lindsay. Thank you so much for your site and your prices, keep up the good work!!!!

Jim – AZ

Fashion Jewelry Purchased – Fashion Jewelry

Successful Exchange

The earring color I would like to exchange for is item #3042. If you are out of these my second choice would be item #3041. Either one would be fine with me! Thank you for your excellent customer service!

Michele – PA

Fashion Jewelry Purchased – Thread Earrings

Delighted Customer

Delighted with packaging. Will order more headbands in the future… Thank you for such quick service!

Coralie – NJ

Fashion Accessories Purchased – Headbands

Wholesale Partner

I run a spa and have been ordering wholesale jewelry from Sam for over 6 months. Tano Jewelry has really low price points, sells well and anytime we have had to exchange or return it has been no hassle at all. I would recommend Tano Jewelry to anyone looking to start selling wholesale.

Jennifer – AL

Fashion Jewelry Purchased – Wholesale Fashion Jewelry


Exceeded Expectations

I received your bracelet yesterday and absolutely love it. It’s everything I expected for the price. Thank you for your quick shipping. The bracelet is for my daughter and she is going to fall in love with it. What a cute jewerly bag! It’s perfect.

Sandra – NY

Fashion Jewelry Purchased – Fashion Bracelets


Perfect Gift

My daughter LOVED her stuff, and the necklace and earrings that I wore to the wedding were PERFECT with my dress! I couldn’t of had a better match.

Susan, TX

Fashion Jewelry Purchased – Jewelry Set


Compliments for Tano Jewelry

I cant get enough of Tano Jewelry. I get compliments every time I wear a piece. My favorite right now is the Savannah necklace with the Serena earrings to match. The Brittany necklace is so versatile and really dresses up a black outfit. They are perfect for work, leisure or a night out. I havent found anything as unique and economical in any store.

Lilly, CA

Fashion Jewelry Purchased – Silver Necklace, Costume Jewelry


Half the Price

Thanks to Sam, I love Tano Jewelry. Their accessories are super cute and affordable. You can find similar jewelry and headbands in boutiques, but Tano Jewelry is half the prices!

Trish, CA

Fashion Jewelry Purchased – Headband


Affordable Jewelry

Tano’s jewelry is hip and not hard on the pocketbook. I’m always impressed with how versatile the pieces are. I get compliments every time i wear my “Sabrina” necklace, and the 50’s style headbands always turn heads!

Casey, CA

Fashion Jewelry Purchased – Shell Necklace


True Style and Fashion

I work in the fashion jewelry and if I were to give your company a review it would go as follows, “Tano Jewelry effortlessly combines hip, unique, tasteful jewelry designs to provide its customers with pieces that truly embrace today’s fashion.”

Heather, NV

Fashion Jewelry Purchased – Fashion Jewelry


Lots of Compliments

I purchased jewelry from Tano Jewelry. I love what this company offers because you get good quality accessories. Also, I get many compliments on the artistic style of the earrings that I wear! I love Tano Jewelry!!!!

Tameka, CA

Fashion Jewelry Purchased – Fashion Earrings


Stylish and Fun Jewelry

Beautiful, stylish and fun jewelry well worth your money. I got the Trinity Bracelet and get complimented for it every time I wear it.

Beate, CA

Fashion Jewelry Purchased – Celebrity Bracelets


Quality Jewelry

I love the quality and variety Tano Jewelry offers. Since I always get compliments on all my Tano accessories, I’ve started buying multiples in other colors to give as gifts. And since each item arrives in its own stylish little bag, gift giving is even easier.

Jill, CA

Fashion Jewelry Purchased – Fashion Earrings


Tano Jewelry Experience

My experience with Tano jewelry has been exciting! ALL the jewelry is beautiful and very affordable. I have attended a few Tano Jewelry parties that Sam has done and there is always a huge assortment of fantastic accessories. Sam is a great host and knows his jewelry very well. Tano jewelry has been a fabulous shopping experience and I will continue to make it my first choice when I need accessories!

Claudia, CA

Fashion Jewelry Purchased – Red Headband, Black Headband, White Headband



I think this jewelry is amazing! I purchased the yellow Jasmine necklace and everywhere I go, people always comment on it. You can dress it up or down. I also bought 3 different bangles that I wear with everything. Not only do they look great on, but very affordable.

Frances, GA

Fashion Jewelry Purchased – Cuff Bracelets


Jasmine Necklace

Thanks for the advice. She loves the necklace.

Randy, CA

Fashion Jewelry Purchased – Celebrity Necklaces



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