Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson Fashion has long been the envy of women around the world. We feature a few of her signature styles that will give you that celebrity factor. Jessica Simpson was born in Dallas, Texas, on July 10th, 1980. Rising up in the little town of Richardson, her life has been a success since childhood. Her father was a psychologist who served as a youth minister in their local Baptist church where Jessica starred in her church choir. Word spread of Jessica’s uncanny voice and range. Jessica appeals to not only Christian music fans but pop lovers all over were charmed by her beautiful voice. This was simply the encouragement Jessica Simpson needed to follow the center of the road pop music career.

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Ever since Jessica Simpson Jewelry and style has been in the limelight. It seems like she was born wearing hot clothes and accessories. She has been on the cutting edge of fashion and a face of Hollywood style for the past 4 years. You won’t find Jessica without her favorite purse and large sunglasses. She loves her gold rink necklaces and always shows off her latest headbands. Enjoy the celebrity inspired jewelry of Jessica Simpson showcased on Tano Jewelry. Find your favorite style and own it!

In 2001, Jessica’s sophomore music album Irresistible was released. The label track was a big hit and it went as high on #3 in the Top list of 40 mainstream chart. After a remix of her record, "In This Skin" was also released around August 2003. Around the same time Jessica Simpson's life took a drastic turn.

Jessica Simpson became the star of MTV reality TV and has a Maltese Poodle named as "Daisy" in respect of her new personality of Daisy Duke in the latest Dukes Of Hazard movie. The little lap dogs are one of the favorite accessories for style conscious celebrities like Jessica.

Jessica Simpson is very well known as a multi talented pop singer and actress. Jessica Simpson is also very well known for her good-looking body. She has a unique fashion style, and it was not too long before she took the music, entertainment, style, and beauty industry by the storm. Jessica Simpson's first appearance on the album “Sweet Kisses” " was release in 1999 and has been sold more than above 3.5 million copies all-inclusive. Jessica Simpson has also released numerous recordings, including a Christmas album. Her songs feautred Nick Lachey and her sister Ashlee Simpson.

Jessica Simpson is one of the several actresses who can also sing and that has opened the door to many opportunities. She designed her personal collection of stylish clothing. Ever since her reality show “Newlyweds: Nick as well as Jessica” Jessica has been seen as a clothing passionate diva who leads other fashionistas with innovative style. She spends most of her perfect time shopping and developed the true sense of fashion design. She launched her initial two lines of designer clothing named “Princy” plus “JS by Jessica Simpson.” This attractive line consists of a broad range of made to fit jeans as well as a variety of sexy tanks and tees. Millions of women all around the world are paying attention to Jessica’s fashion selection. Everywhere she goes, she captures attention with her individual sense of style.

Jessica Simpson boasts her curves and can be seen donning a very low cut halter top and tight jeans on any given day. Jessica Simpson manages to rock any style and make it her own. She compliments her outfits with beautiful bracelets and layers jewelry for maximum effect.