Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is an actress, producer, singer and now a loving mommy. She has born on 24 July 1969 in Castle Hill near Bronx, NY. Jennifer Lopez started as a dancer in a few musical spectacles. She started acting around the age of 16 and later went on to be a dancer on the TV comedy show “In Living Color”.

Jennifer Lopez is a fashion diva and thousands of people wait for her next fashion adventure. She has class, natural beauty and is always provocative in her style.

Television and Movies: Jennifer Lopez pursued dancing and her dreams of becoming a musical icon like Madonna or Janet Jackson. In 1995 she marks her actual beginning in the movies with the Latin drama “My Family”. The subsequent year, Jennifer Lopez won a challenge to personify the main personality of the film Selena that traces the life of the beloved Latino singer. Her contribution was widely noticed and she was nominated for a Golden Globe Award.

She was a star in the making with her appearance in Money Train and the ultimate starring role in Selena. Throughout her entire career Jennifer Lopez has delicately managed her Hollywood and musical career as well as cross racial lines with all her work. She truly stands alone in her ability to captivate multiple audiences over multiple mediums.

Fashion: Jennifer Lopez fashion always pushes the fashion boundaries from her provocative Grammy dress to her space age hats and scarves. Our Jennifer inspired jewelry includes fashion earrings, her favorite bangle bracelets and her colorful choices in fashion.

Business Goddess: Jennifer is a hip-pop diva, movie star, successful woman and gossip column queen. She created the Sweetface Fashion Company in 2001. Co-run with Andy Hilfiger, her products comprise junior oriented offerings as well as eleven other diverse categories. From fragrance to clothing to accessories to watches to shoes, Lopez has established herself as a savvy businesswoman. Her lines are available in department stores and boutiques.

The Look: A-Grade Diva Attitude summed by cashmere micro shorts as well as giant floppy umbrella hats. Hot pieces such as lambskin plus fox boleros, woven actual mink cardigans as well as velvet or chiffon baby doll dress. Jennifer Lopez can be seen wearing a wide variety of clothes and accessories. Observe in awe as Jennifer brings the hottest styles at every movie premiere and red-carpet events.

The Diva: Having occupied the world of music as well as fashion design, it almost seems innate for this Bronx-born hottie. Known for her individual style and tabloid domination, this performer and entrepreneur says that she always tries to integrate her personal sense of style into every aspect of her life. Lopez has always been able to maintain the highest level of style and fashion. We can’t wait to see what she comes with next!

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