Jelly Headbands

Jelly headbands are fun, fashionable and so easy! Get frustrated having to redo your hair throughout the day? The jelly headband is your solution. You put it on once and your hair and the headband stay in place throughout the most strenuous day. They are even great for the gym! Jelly Headbands come in the most stylish patterns and colors and most people most won’t even notice it’s plastic. Comfort is important and you get it with the soft jelly and very comfortable elastic band in the back. Slip into your favorite jelly headband…you won’t be disappointed.

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Jelly Headbands are the latest craze in hair accessories. Tano customer’s love jelly headbands, because they are cute, never slip and so affordable. You will love the soft rubber and fun designs. Elastic in the back ensures your hair always keeps its style.

Pick your favorite jelly headband fashion and make it your own!

Jelly Headbands are the hottest in designer styles to hit the scene this season. They come in a variety of different colors and styles to compliment any outfit in your closet, and they're made of a soft rubber material for no slipping! Throw one of these trendy jelly headbands in your hair and you go from frumpy to fabulous in seconds!

Jelly Head Bands are the next hot wave in hair accessories because they're so easy to use. They're made of a rubber-like material that clings to your hair without the fuss and sliding around of normal headbands. They also feature a small hidden elastic at the back to ensure a perfect fit and they come in the hottest styles of the season! Available in basic colors to match any outfit in your wardrobe, you can't go wrong with a few different jelly headbands styles. Try a basic black jelly when you want to keep things simple and subdued, or opted for a fun and funky tortoise color when you want to be noticed. With so many styles, you'll never get bored accessorizing your hair!

If you're aiming for a soft romantic look, try a Jelly Head Band with a sweet floral design. Paired with cascading curls and a sweet cotton dress, you'll have a romantic look in no time flat.

If, however, you like to keep your style simple and basic, try a double jelly headband. This style is just like the standard double headbands, except it's made of the comfortable rubber material to hug your tresses and prevent flyaways. These headbands are great for both casual and formal attire. They'll work great with a mass of wavy curls by day, or take you to nighttime with a fun and funky updo. This headband is so basic; it offers maximum versatility for minimum cost.

For a fun, designer inspired style, try a jelly headband with fun shapes in geometric patterns. These offer that little bit of edgy style, but are still a great compliment for basic every day wear. And at such a low price, you can stock up on a few different styles to compliment a variety of outfits in your closet.

If you really like to live on the edge, try a funky jelly headband in a bold and retro pattern. These styles are great for casual weekends with flip-flops and jeans. If you’re in a rush to get out the door with little time to fuss with your hair, jelly headbands are the perfect solution. They offer maximum functionality with a rubber-like material that keeps your hair in place all day long. Whether you're at the office, school, or the beach, adding a few jelly headbands to your accessories case makes perfect sense.