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Heidi Klum Fashion embodies her creative talents from sketching ideas for her jewelry and shoe lines to crafting unique home products and embroidered clothing and accessories. Heidi is the epitome of what it means to be a supermodel. Enjoy Heidi inspired jewelry and make one her styles your own!

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Heidi Klum was born in Bergisch Gladbach, North Rhine-Westphalia, West Germany. She is the daughter of Günther and Erna. Klum's route to the top was circuitous.

Style guide

Heidi Klum is known as “ the mover and shaker”, is one of the most recognized women and model in the fashion industry. She is highly appreciated for her professionalism, “She always goes the extra mile, wanting one more shot, certainly a high-powered woman who never misses a trick." One of those people who, once you cast your gaze across her finely formed visage, you won't easily forget!

Casual manner

Her clothing collection is reportedly based on the model's favorite pieces in her wardrobe, and will include summer dresses, blouses, as well as the obligatory denim styles. Heidi Klum is adding to her modelling duties for Jordache jeans, by designing her own range of clothing for the brand.

“Wear things that show off your body in its best light and flatter your figure” remarks heidi. From a recent Victoria's Secret shoot comes one of our favourite Klum quotes: "You should spend your money on some nice wardrobes. Big wool cotton pants that just doesn't work. You have to feel hot."


With lightened blonde hair, Heidi makes it a point to use Natural Hold Hairspray, for a manageable beautiful hair.

Make up

"I could never narrow it down to just one! The beautiful lip, bronzer and shadow palettes...! I especially love the Mosaic Eye Shadow in Beautiful. I designed the color palate from my collection”. She says “Moisturizer” makes her skin "feel really silky". This in turn makes her skin perfect and her face classically attractive. Blessed with hazel colored eyes, she manages to impress with her voluptuous figure!

Fashion and Jewelry

Heidi Klum Jewelry is simple and classy and elegant in it’s own unique way.

To indulge her passion for creating fashion, Heidi styles her own line of Birkenstock shoes. Also beach sandals that are comfortable but stylish, her collections feature metallic studs and other interesting adornments too.Apart from clothing, jewelry and swimsuit collections, , she owns two varieties of own-label perfume and helps market a flower named after her, the Heidi Klum rose.

Clothing line

The supermodel is already the face and body of Jordache's advertising campaigns, and now Heidi Klum by Jordache will debut in the States from April 2008. Heidi's favorite bathing-suit designer is Shay Todd. Heidi describes Shay's clothing line as, "stylish, modern, functional, and affordable". She especially loves Shay's purple terry cloth beach bag!

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