Feather Headbands

Feather headbands come in all sizes, shapes and colors. Each headband is uniquely designed and can be used to add spice to any outfit you choose, from simple jeans and a t-shirt to an evening gown or a wedding dress. Each one is different and will make your special hairdo take on a flare of elegance.

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Note from the Designer:

Most of the feather headbands above are hand crafted by Victoria Janzen and created with extreme patience and precise placement. Victoria uses many different types of exotic bird feathers and thrives on finding unique resources to make each headband a one of a kind masterpiece. Many of the headbands also contain buttons that she has collected over the years from both button stores and vintage jackets. These are one-of-kind headbands that are impossible to duplicate because they have vintage earrings and broaches attached to them, each broken down to fit the headbands perfectly.

Victoria's goal is to give the eventual owner of each

feather headband

a feeling of wearing a piece of truly unique art that fits their personality perfectly. We hope you will get as much joy out of owning these designer headbands as she does when creating them. Vicki J. designer headbands will turn a great outfit into a stunning look, add flare to a cocktail dress, spice up a simple jean and t-shirt combo or complete your gorgeous wedding ensemble.

Each and every handmade designer headband is beyond compare. I love featuring antique buttons and ornate cloth that I have collected over the years from vintage apparel. Most of the headbands I create are one of a kind and impossible to reproduce as I use a pair of vintage earrings or broach and break them down for use giving each headband a special unique touch.

For brides that want their wedding day pictures to stand out beyond compare, Vicki J designer headbands are the perfect solution. Whether it’s putting a beautiful, white feathered clip into an up do or that ultra romantic wedding look with one of the thin headbands in long flowing hair, they will complete the look effortlessly. Even on an everyday basis, if you’re having one of those dreaded bad hair days throw one of these headbands on and fool people into thinking that you put a lot of effort into your hair.

You can´t help but notice that feathers are definitely in style this year. They are virtually flying everywhere. You´ve certainly seen the models and celebrities wearing them in high style. They are showing up in accessories from head to toe, and headbands are no exception. Feather headbands are in the top 10 for the season, so if you want to be on top of the fashion, purchase a selection of decorative feather headbands and start wearing them today.

All kinds of feathers are available in the feather headband styles. There are beautiful, long feathers that sway next to your head, feather domes that sit comfortably on top of your head, soft plumes that sweep across your forehead and soft feathers peeping out of an assortment of rhinestones or buttons. Colors vary from calming brown, grey, black and white to designs with bright turquoise, red, bright pink, purple or teal.

Feather headbands are a great way to dress up your carefully picked outfit. The simpler styles can be used with a pair of blue jeans and a t-shirt, while the most elegant are perfectly fitting to use with your elegant wedding dress. These headbands are a perfect solution for hair that doesn´t want to cooperate. Adding a beautiful, feather covered headband to your hair will turn it into a stylish hairstyle that will make you feel like an enchanted fairy or a regal princess.

Tano Jewelry offers you the latest in feather headbands. Each style and design is uniquely handcrafted and affordable. No two headbands will ever be the same. The must-have beautiful colors add a touch of modern style to your outfits making you feel chic and stylish. Feather headbands in a variety of styles are simply irresistible accessories. Once you start wearing them, you will never feel the same.