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Wedding Partnerships for Tano Jewelry

We have partnered with a wedding photographer located in San Francisco and are ecstatic! Tano Jewelry fashions were recently featured in a wedding photographed by Mason Foster in East Bay on the beautiful bride Kelly. She wore a jewelry set and a pair of matching earrings.

We have also been chosen by a gay wedding planner in los angeles as one of the most stylish fashion jewelry brands of 2013. We are looking to partner with more wedding professionals, so if you are in the business, please reach out to us.

Fashion Forecast 2013

Fashion forecasts for the next year are full of solid colors among them shiny solid colors and metallics, tons of animal prints and stripes, bohemian looks as well as over sized and bulky fashion accessories. Needless to say the fashions coming out this year are a bit eclectic and all over the place, but they are hot and flattering none the less.

Solid colors are always popular, but some years we see more prints than solids and that is not the case this year. There are bold colors, bright colors, light colors and dark colors seen all over the runways and red carpets which is usually what we look to for our fashion forecasts. A couple colors you can’t go wrong with this year are the deep and rich greens as well as the putty creams and grays. Throw on a green headband or a putty colored necklace and you’ll be perfectly finished off.

Shiny shimmering metallics are especially hot for this new year of fashion as well. They are futuristic, yet toned down enough so that you don’t look like you’re walking out of a science fiction film when you wear them. Just a glimmer or silver in the form of a bangle bracelet or a gold pendant necklace will do just perfectly. The whole idea behind the shiny trend is to not overdo it. A good rule of thumb is to take one accessory off before you leave the house because we all have a tendency to overindulge in the jewelry department.

Animal prints have always and will always be popular. This year is no exception. Zebra, tiger, leopard…even ostrich and peacock. Whatever the animal, women are emulating the pattern and design. It’s a fun way to get your wild side out without acting completely out of character. So adorn yourself with some leopard print headbands or peacock earrings, you’ll love them as much as we do.

Last, but certainly not least, is the boho chic look. Bohemian style has been around forever and it basically just a fancy name for hippie style. Sure your parents probably ran screaming from anything that made them look hippie-like, but not anymore! Oversized cardigans, large bulky bangle bracelets and long feather earrings are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this trend. Whatever your style, even you straight laced girls, don’t think that you cannot work this look. Anyone can with ease and grace. Grab a bangle bracelet or two and rock the boho look today. You’ll be getting compliments tomorrow.

Fashion Headbands for You

In our age, people really find ways to show themselves off to the world. Especially these young professionals. We work hard to afford the things that we want for ourselves so we look good in front of other people. When we look good, we feel good. And when we feel good, we work better, we are more productive and we feel more like our own people. Self-made people, that’s what we always aim to be.

Today, there is also a high importance on individuality. There are more and more subcultures which are formed because people feel like they had to belong to a group that’s more specifically named. For example, in the category of “rock”, there is now punk, emo, trash, metal, slow rock, pop rock, etc. People just want to belong, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Now, we know there are a lot of ways to express ourselves. Some of us prefer to brand ourselves according to the music that we listen to, some of us want to associate ourselves with a particular political group, an advocacy group, an eating pattern (vegetarian, vegans, purists etc.) and some on bigger subcultures such as religion, race and gender preference. But really, if you want to make an impression that’s not as heavy-sounding as those, you can just do well with a great headband, girl.

But that’s just me getting to the point. First, let us discuss how the face is really the center of attention. They may say that beauty is skin deep and “don’t judge the book by its cover” but really, the impression that you make is just as important as the personality that you’re trying to build. So if you want to make a clean impression, start off with a clean and pleasant looking face, with hair held back by nice looking headbands. You can also top this off with great looking jewelry pieces that match. If silver works better for you, pair a sleek pendant necklace with earrings that make your eyes shimmer as bright as the material itself. Plus, with good skin, well-defined brows, high happy cheeks, you can never go wrong with head bands. Besides, why would you hide that face?

There are different kinds of head bands which you can use for every occasion or mood that you’re in. Most of these pieces are fashion headbands which also come in a plethora of shapes, sizes, prices and designs. Good thing they’re getting more and more creative each day!

Basic Headbands

If you are new to the headband bandwagon, and you still think that they are too bold, you can start off with basic headbands. They are the ones which come in neutral colors like shades of white, black, gray and brown. It’s easy to wear them with ANY dress code. For example, a simple black headband could go well with casual wear, business casual, smart casual, beach wear, sports wear and utility wear. For the dressier events, a satin gray headband also looks great. (Yes, even with pearls.)

Scarf Headbands

For a more fashionable feel, you can explore scarf headbands. These are for the days when you feel extra-girly and edgy. Scarf headbands are not for the meek in fashion, as they are to be carried with grace.

Scarf headbands look best with dresses, although a bright floral number could also spice up a plain white tee on simple skinny jeans. They are more free-flowing and they also serve as accessories, giving off the same vibe as vintage gypsy necklaces.

If you get bored with them, you can tie them around your waist and let them become belts. Nice innovation you got there!

Embellished Headbands

This is one of the classiest fashion headband genre by far. We’ve seen headbands which are made from crystals, gems on silk, gold and silver buttons and little diamonds glued together. They are just absolutely breathtaking and when light is reflected by these little charming babies, we just can’t help but engulf the wearer with a glow. It almost works like a halo!

Get at least one or two embellished headbands and use them for special occasions. Faux pearls are great for weddings, formal ceremonies and other church-related activities. The crystals are great for cocktail nights or even extra-special dates. They work the same magic as your embellished stilettos.

Thin, Thick and Double Headbands

After addressing the materials and the sizes that your fashion headbands are made of, let us now talk about sizes.

It’s best to use thin headbands when you want an effect that is sleek, like a minimal statement. Say, if you’re wearing bold jewelry and you want to keep the attention to them or if you’re wearing slammin’ 3-layer eyeshadow, thin headbands which compliment the colors on your outfit will do just well. In fact, if you want them to be more silent than that, get them in colors which are nearest to your hair color.

For days when you want to be bolder or you want to keep as much hair off your face, you can make use of thick fashion headbands. Get them in an elastic that’s high quality and you’re good to go. Make a statement with bright neon colors or with stripes!

When one is not enough, double up! You can also play the double headbands look when you want your outfit to become more coordinated (two colors) from head to toe. Two different materials are not advised (crystal and plastic, elastic and wired, etc.) but different sizes are okay (one is thin and the other is thick).

Now that you know how great a fashion headband can be and how it can easily brighten up how you look or tone down a heavily made up face with held-up hair, don’t become too excited and try as many as you want to. Also apply the basic fashion guidelines regarding complimenting colors, patterns and material matching. If you’re in doubt, always ask someone you trust in terms of fashion and don’t get carried away by fads! No, not even Gossip girl.

Rockabilly Fashion


No rockabilly worth her salt would be caught without appropriate pin up necklace to match her stylin’ rockabilly outfit. Rockabilly jewelry, often adorning pinup girls, wasn’t all about flashy, expensive gemstones and fancy status symbols; rather, it was more concerned with expressing who you were and what you stood for, and tended to be inexpensive and easy to replace. A little goth, a little rock-and-roll, a little country-western, rockabilly style was one-of-a-kind.

Pin Up Necklaces

Pendants were certainly ubiquitous, adorning and accentuating rockabilly clothing fashions. Some common styles included cute cartoon-y pictures, such as a picture of a “cowgirl,” or perhaps a single tattoo-style word like “faith.” Cherries featured prominently, and you might see a tri-cherry design in a matched necklace-and-earring set. Another favorite of rockabilly fashion were shell necklaces, easily and cheaply bought in any beachside stand.


Along with the cherry theme, charm bracelets incorporating the same pendant ideas as necklaces were very popular. Nautical images, like anchors, wheels, etc. and skull/crossbones images also jangled on many a pinup girl’s wrist. “Nautical stars” were especially fun, and worked well on necklaces and earrings, too. Grab a silver-link bracelet and start collecting a mélange of charms and funky dangles to build your own original, unique rockabilly-style bracelet.


Rockabilly girls who enjoyed a walk on the wild side loved dice for earrings—black, red, white, single or in multiples, playing dice in the ears definitely screams rockabilly fashion. Or, if tastes ran toward the sweet and demure, a girl might have worn a cherry cluster or hibiscus flower dangling from her lobes. You might also try a nautical star, and match (or mismatch) to your necklace and bracelet images. The key to rockabilly or pinup fashion is to be yourself—choose themes and motifs that appeal to your personality, with a dash of skullduggery rock-and-roll or countrified Western style, and you’ll be all set!

Bangle Bracelets


A Bangle Bracelet is a bracelet worn on the wrist and is generally spherical in shape. Bangle Bracelets became popular in the 1980’s and are available in all shapes and sizes. Bangle Bracelets are often stacked up the forearm as made popular by Madonna in music videos.

Materials Used
Bangle Bracelets are obtainable in countless designs and different styles. The following are some different types of bangles.

Wood Bangles:
Wooden bangles are made up of high quality and soft wood. The bangles are accessible in a range of design that includes stocky, imprinted, stone studded bangles. Zigzag, Tribal and Faceted are some of the other extensively sold designs. The bangle is colored or also available in usual finish.

Stainless Steel Bangles:
Stainless steel bangles are one of the current preferred among women of different age. These bangles are also very less expensive but fashionable and long lasting.

Sterling Silver Bangles:
Sterling silver bangles are also one of the most required by the international buyer. These bangles are generally presented in modern designs, engraving and stone crusting. A variety of methods are working for giving such a matte and a glossy finish to these bangles.

White Metal Bangles:
White metal bangles are very elegantly designed in different countries. These stylish bangles can be worn on any functions depending on the type of design. Both delicate and chunky bangles are offered.

Plastic Bangles:
Stylish and tinted plastic bangles are obtainable in a range of colors and designs. Stone studded plastic bangles in pure, zigzag, chunky, designs are sell on the huge scale in the global market. Square, rectangle, oval, shape bangles are also in a great demand.

Glass Bangles:
Pretty glass bangles are accessible in various colors and design. Right away from stone crusted bangles to zari bangles, from beaded bangles to glitter bangles. These bangles are particularly made in India and are also exported to many global markets.

Lac Bangles:
Lac bangles are customarily designed and handcrafted to exactness. These bangles are embroidered with bright stones, meenakari work and beads for its exclusive look. Colorful and mirror work bangles of lac are exported on a large scale.

Stone Bangles:
Solitary and colorful stone bangles made in different cuts, design and style. The designs might differ from customary to modern depending on the occasion they would be worn at.

Beaded Bangles:
Beaded Bangles is a very ordinary kind of costume jewelry. There is certain section of the culture that is picking beaded bangles in modern times, to give a better look to the complete dress. These bangles are obtainable in range of different color combination to match with your clothing.

Market for Bangles
There are a range of bangles made from reasonably priced materials are all in demand over the globe. The move in buyer trends from fine jewelry to costume jewelry is the main reason of the increasing fame of these designer items.


Fashion Earrings


Jewelry may be the key to woman’s heart and fashion jewelry is no exception. The only difference is you won’t be losing your car, because of a purchase. Fashion Jewelry has a place as the enhancer of beauty as well as piece of fashion security. Fashion earrings of sophisticated fashion and style are appealing for so many reasons. Fashion earrings are fun, stunning and affordable.

Celebrity earrings or fashion earrings, unique in design, material and craftsmanship add to the romantic and subtle power of feminity, creating a scintillating effect on others. Full, rich looks with dazzling colors and of simple elegance can suit any outfit and make you look stylish and stunning. We offer an exhaustive range of the latest earrings , which will boost your confidence in your personality.

Gold earrings available in exquisite and sparkling designs portray the attitude and panache especially for women during special occasions. These classy earrings can enliven a fashion wardrobe, and create a sense of euphoria, within you.

String earrings or string tear drop earrings are the latest and hottest earrings, posing a great demand in the fashion world and it appears to be eye-catching in different colors perfectly adorning you and your wardrobe.

Metallic earrings, own a dainty style, desirable value and aesthetic appeal for the users as an ornament for casual outwears. Natural wood earrings manufactured out of natural wood, are a captivating ornament for your attire, and let your taste for the earrings reveal your personality.

Beautify yourself with these authentic and variety collections that are sure to grab the attention of onlookers.


Hair Accessories for the Summer


Hair accessories present a trouble-free way of getting ready and showing off your hair. You can choose from a host of headbands, hair clips, scrunches, and trendy scarves and what have you. A carefully selected and well-coordinated hair fashion accessory goes a lengthy way in giving you and your hair a one of a kind look. Hair accessories are more or less a must-have in a fashion accessories collection. A number of celebrities are even recognized by the headbands they are wearing and some gone so far as to create their own brand name hair accessory.

Hair accessories can vary widely and can be made out of substances ranging from wood to crystals. There is a hair accessory for every occasion like a wedding or dinner parties. You will be the center of attention and make heads turn. Even if it’s an informal gathering, you can put together an unforgettable experience. There is a diverse line of accessories tailor-made for all occasion like a jelly headband, stunning barrettes, bobby pins, circlets, ponytail holders, and scarf headbands.

Hair jewelry is one more great hair accessory to facilitate and add style and glamour to your appearance. These items can be found in boutiques and at a number of department stores. Hair jewelry can also be stickers that can be positioned on your hair for supplementary sparkle, or they can be made from ornamented barrettes, hair ties, headbands and hair clips. While choosing the right hair accessory can be difficult, there are a small number of pointers that will help you pick and choose the just right hair accessories to complete your look.

Here are just a couple:

Work – In many employment situations, you can probably wear some type of hair accessory. No matter if your type of service requires it or you just want to alter your look now and then, wearing your hair up calls for the correct hair fashion accessory to do the job. The first rule to finding the right hair fashion accessory for employment is to stay away from banana clips at all costs. Why people still make these things, I’ll never know. Matching a hair fashion accessory to your clothing is only cute when you are five years old. What you decide will depend for the most part on the length of hair and how you like to wear your hair up.

Social Occasions – In social and formal occasions you have a better chance to touch on your artsy side through hair accessories. You can select obscure pieces or bright hair accessories. Classy hairpieces can be the perfect pick for social occasions, while a small spray of flora or garnishment may be desirable for all formal occasions. As always, remember to take one thing off before leaving your house. Don’t overdo it and most people over do it. Essentially, you are accentuated your hair with an ornament. Your hair is the real star of the show. If you are stuck in hesitation, opt for the straightforward solution: use as little as possible. The bottom line with hair accessories is that too much of a good thing can puzzle the eye and make your hair look gaudy. Simple hair accessories can make a brave beauty proclamation that makes your hair the gossip of the office or party.


Fashion Jewelry Tools

Excerpt from The Encyclopedia of jewelry making techniques by Jinks McGrath
When you are first beginning to work with jewelry you will need only a few jewelry tools and pieces of equipment. Buy tools only as you need them. There is no need acquire the full range when you are beginning.

Although it is possible to work in the kitchen, you should, if possible, try to have a special working area that can be either closed off or secured in some way, because some of the jewelry tools and pickles you will use could be dangerous in the wrong hands.

There is no need to buy sophisticated work bench. An old table will suffice, as long as it is reasonably sturdy and does not wobble. Make sure that the table is a comfortable height. When you are working your elbows should be able to rest easily on the surface of the table is a comfortable height. When you are working your elbows should be able to rest easily on the surface of the table, but try to keep your back straight while you work.

The wooden bench pin, which is the central working point, can be attached to the table with a C-clamp. Try to arrange the bench and working area so that the jewelry tools you use most often – pliers, snips and jeweler’s saw, for example are easily accessible. A hook or rack near to the bench in is a neat and convenient method of keeping them near at hand. A small vise, which has numerous uses, can be screwed to the edge of the table.

Make sure that you work under a good light. An adjustable table lamp is ideal because the light can be directed to shine onto your work so that no shadows are cast. Bear in mind that when you are soldering and annealing you need to be able to turn off the light, so make sure the switch is within easy reach. Protect the area of your jewelry bench or table that you use soldering with a metal plate of some kind – an old roasting pan would be ideal and stand the soldering block or charcoal block on the metal so that the surface of the bench is not damaged by the flame of the torch. Small soldering jobs can be done with a portable gas cylinder torch, but for everyday use, you will probably find a blow torch that uses propane gas and your own breath more than adequate.

Most jewelry polishing can be done by hand, especially at first. If and when you acquire a polishing motor, make sure that is has its own housing or that has an integral dust extraction system. The dust created by jewelry polishing is dirty and gets everywhere. The following jewelry tools and equipment are those you will need to get started. Buy other items as you need them so that you gradually acquire a fully equipped workshop.

Jeweler’s saw

This is the first jewelry tool to buy and the one you will keep forever. Buy the best you can afford. Blades, which are available in packs of 12, range in grade from 4/0, through 0 down to 0/6. To begin with, buy grade 1,0 or 0/1.

Needle Files It is possible to buy a packet of 8 or 10 useful shapes. If you are buying individual tools, choose a flat, an oval, a half-round, and a triangular file to begin with.

Large flat file This tool is essential for removing lumps of excess solder, for straightening edges, and for generally cleaning up your work. Make sure that it is not too coarse.

Large half-round file Use this for cleaning up the inside surfaces of rings and inside curves.

Ball pine hammer

A general purpose hammer has dozens of uses.

Round-nosed pliers

These essential pliers are needed for bending curves, circles, and wire.

Flat-nosed pliers

These are for holding, bending, and forming. Buy two different sized pairs and make sure they are comfo0rtable in your hand.

Hal-round pliers

These are useful bending metal without marking the outside curve.

Serrated-edge pliers

Although they will leave a mark when they are used for gripping metal, they are essential for pulling wire straight or through a draw plate.

Ring mandrel

This tapered steel rod is used for shaping rings after soldering.

Wooden mallet

Use this to shape and flatten silver. It will not leave marks on the metal.

Soldering torch

Make sure that there is somewhere near the soldering area to keep the torch and that when it is in use the flame is always directed toward the soldering block.

Charcoal block

Items that are to be soldered are placed on the block.

Borax dish and cone

Flux is produced by rubbing the borax cone in a little water in the dish.

Binding wire

Before soldering, hold two pieces of metal firmly together with wire. Always remove the wire before pickling.

Insulated tweezers

Use tweezers to hold pieces for soldering or the solder itself when stick solder is being used.

Small vise

Once it is firmly attached to the work bench, a vise will have dozens of uses, including holding formers, bending right angels, holding metal steady while it is being filed and holding draw plates.


These are essential for cutting biding wire, pillions of solder, wire and even small pieces of metal.

Wet and dry snappers

Keep a good selection in stock, beginning with grade 240 and working through grades 400 and 600 down to grade 1200.

Safety pickle, alum, or sulfuric pickle

A pickle of some kind is needed to clean metal after soldering. Liquid metal cleaner ideal for polishing when the piece has been finished.

Leather or felt stick

The final stage in polishing is buffing on a stick.


Wherever you work, make sure that you have easy access to running water

The author of this excerpt is a widely respected designer/jewelry maker and you can see more of her work and purchase the entire book “The encyclopedia of Jewelry-Making Techniques” at


Wholesale Fashion Jewelry


The jewelry industry can offer thrilling moments and well-paid opportunity. There are a lot of fields to the business including designing, the goldsmith, the gemologist, the buyer, the store manager, the watchmaker, sales, and store ownership. Each has precise requirements in training and know-how is required in order to achieve something and turn out to be profitable. With appropriate guidance and hard work you can accomplish any amount of success that you set your mind to.

First, you must recognize that there are many manufactured goods and you can spend a lifetime becoming an expert in one of them. Some of these manufactured goods types include timepieces, polished diamonds, costume jewelry, colored gemstones, bridal products, luxury items and a lot of more. I advocate choosing which product intrigues you for the most part and practice a profession in that product group. Identify the field of expertise that is mainly needed in that product category and then uphold an obsession for what you are selling or creating – this is a significant ingredient in a winning profession.

Promote Your Craft

Once you have established your business in the industry, act as a responsible steward to the business. Take care of your position and responsibilities with the greatest high opinion and integrity. Jewelry acquisition can be a daunting process for the standard consumer and it is our dependability as professionals to respect the customer’s requirements and educated them in the most excellent way we know how. Encourage the business and give confidence to others to join in this wonderful industry. Finally, take the moment in time to share your information with others, as this will further encourage professionalism in your business.

In the past, there was a restriction about choosing distributors of wholesale fashion jewelry, since one had to decide from those accessible in the neighborhood or their city. Now, with the advent of the Internet has altered all that. A rapid search on the Internet will provide you a host of distributors to decide from. Yet, before choosing a distributor in this way, a few things need to be kept in mind.

Ask for cost quotes from the distributor, and look into other distributors. You are bound to find distributors who will put up for sale at the same price, or a smaller amount and give you first-rate or better quality. This will make sure that you hit an economical agreement.

Good-looking designs and good quality will make certain good sales. Find what the return policy of the distributor is. A return policy is apparently significant if for any reason, you require to return the things purchased.

How To Make A Profit From Wholesale Fashion Jewelry

Wholesale Fashion Jewelry usually refers to buying jewelry straight from the manufacturer, and selling it at blanket prices to retailers who are involved in offering the jewelry to end users. You can discover wholesalers of fashion jewelry by doing a web search online. You will come across all the resources you require. If you are not sure about the wholesale do not order until you have got them to answer all your questions. Do your homework and drive to succeed whatever you choose to do!


Fashion Jewelry Manufacturers


It’s a sad fact, but there are many excellent fashion jewelry manufactures offer more reasonably priced accessories than those in United States. These days, manufacturers in China and India produce vast styles and types of Fashion Jewelry to go well with personal styles and cost conscious budgets. Any person can have enough money to beautify themselves with no difficulty but the trouble is not everyone has bottomless pockets to spend on Jewelry. That is why Fashion Jewelry has become so popular and manufacturers of costume jewelry are showing up all over the world.

Here are some tips on choosing a fashion jewelry manufacturer.

Honesty and Quality Assurance are the themes. The advantages of selecting the right manufacturer is as follows.

1. Fashion Jewelry Manufacturer will offer Economy in price.
2. Fashion Jewelry Manufacturer will offer Quality assurance.
3. Fashion Jewelry Manufacturer will offer On time delivery.
4. Wide range of fashion jewelry with scope of customization.
5. Fashion Jewelry Manufacturer will offer Technical Support.
6. Fashion Jewelry Manufacturer will offer Customize Development.
7. Fashion Jewelry Manufacturer will offer Suggestions and Substitutions.
8. Smaller Orders can be executed as per the requirement.

Manufacturing Process for making Fashion Jewelry

Stages of Making fashion Jewelry

The various stages of making fashion jewelry are explained below.

1) Designs/Dies

The blueprint of the fashion jewelry is first drawn and sent to the die maker. The Die maker etches out the blueprint on top of the die makes a solid brass metal die. Another die is prepared for the front side and one for the backside of the jewelry.

2) Imprinting the Fashion Jewelry

A skinny part of silver foil is positioned over the metal die.

3) Enameling The Fashion Jewelry

The fundamental enamel color is dyed on the complete case. It is after that fired up in a miniature cylindered kiln for the enamel to set everlastingly.

4) Cleaning the Fashion Jewelry

The shielding clay is detached and the entire piece is washed and cleaned up using soap by means of a brush until the pieces gives a glossy shine.

6) Gold Polishing the Fashion Jewelry

Each shining portion is then gold polished at places wherever the base enamel is not present. These are more often than not the design borders.

7) Finishing the Fashion Jewelry

Touching up where the gold enamel is distorted does final finishing.

It takes lots of special craftsmen to create each portion of jewelry. Many tiny pieces are attached jointly to get single comprehensive earring, necklace, and pendent. From launch to conclude it takes up to fifteen hours to complete single piece of middle size earring, the pendant or necklace. Work Culture of jewelry employees

The workforce is generally satisfied and well paid depending on the skill level, which in turn produces pleasing outcome for the valued buyers. Normally they work with full devotion and enthusiasm since the pay scales are good in a big organization. The employee’s requirements are taken consideration by the jewelry-manufacturing unit in order to retain the employees.

Infrastructure of the Fashion Jewelry Manufacturer

The jewelry-manufacturing unit generally is a well-managed division in the assistance of experienced person and diligent employees. They are well prepared with each and every one of the most sophisticated machines for excellent manufacturing in the range of replication and fashion jewelry.


History of Jewelry


Jewelry refers to the ornaments people wear. The most common types are bracelets, brooches, earrings, necklaces, and rings. Jewelry has been chiefly used for personal decoration. But it has also been worn for religious or magical purposes, or as a symbol of wealth or status. Most fine jewelry consists of precious metals and gems created in artistic designs. Gold is the chief metal used, but silver and platinum are also widely used.

Early Jewelry – Prehistoric jewelry consisted largely of crude necklaces and bracelets. They were made of leather or reeds strung with pebbles, berries, feathers, shells, or animal bones. People used decorative thorns or sharp bones to hold clothing together. Eventually, people pierced their ears, lips, and noses to wear such objects. People wore jewelry as part of religious ceremonies or to show rank. They believed certain jewelry could prevent sickness and protect them from bad luck.

Gradually, people learned to make jewelry from ivory, wood, and metal. As early as 3500 B.C., craftworkers discovered that gold heated with fire could be pounded into thin sheets and then shaped. Silver, copper, and bronze were also used. By the late 2000’s B.C., Egyptians were using gemstones in such jewelry as bracelets, brooches, headdresses, pendants, and rings. They believed that gems had magical powers and wore them for good luck.

The ancient Egyptians made jewelry from a variety of gemstones as well as from glass, faience, and enamel. They wore beaded collars, which covered the shoulders and chest; breast ornaments called pectorals; and crown like diadems. Egyptians also wore bracelets, anklets, earrings, and rings. The Egyptians included jewelry in tombs because they believed it would be useful in the afterlife.

The Greeks valued fine metalwork in their jewelry and rarely used inlaid gems. Greek jewelry featured beautiful filigree, a lacelike decoration made by twisting fine wires of gold or silver into patterns.

Unlike the Greeks, the Romans often used gems in their jewelry. They used gold settings but place greater emphasis on precious stones. They especially wore gems in rings. The Romans were probably the first to use rings as symbol engagement.

European Jewelry – During the early Middle Ages, beginning in the A.D. 700’s, the wearing of jewelry was almost entirely restricted to royalty and members of the royal courts. Between 1200 and 1400, a prosperous middle class rose. This class began to acquire jewelry, wearing it as a sign of social status. Gold was still the most prominent precious metal, though some bronze and silver was also used. Jewelry most often took the form of brooches, buckles, head ornaments, and rings.

Precious stones were very fashionable in the 1500’s. Jewelers often set gems in heavy pendants that were fastened to the sleeve, as well as on a chain around the neck. Women wove long strands of pearls and other gems into their hairdos. The first watches were made in the early 1500’s. People wore them in pendants and miniature cases. During the 1600’s and 1700’s, diamonds became popular as a result of advances in gem cutting. Oriental Jewelry – Jewelry became popular in China during the Song dynasty (960-1279). The Chinese favored silver, enamel, feathers, and jade. Jade was often carved or polished and combined with metal. Chinese jewelry was very delicate and elaborate and often took the form of ornate headdresses. Japanese jewelry was similar to Chinese jewelry. However, the Japanese first used jeweled objects to decorate swords and ceremonial objects. Later, they began to wear jewelry as a personal adornment. Japanese jewelry consisted primarily of earrings, hair ornaments, necklaces pendants, and rings.

Pre-Columbian Jewelry – American Indian art created before A.D. 1500 is called pre-Columbian because it was produced before Christopher Columbus arrived in the New World in 1492. During pre-Columbian times, the Indians of the Inca Empire inhabited large parts of South America. The Inca cultures were highly skilled at working with metals, especially gold and silver. Most of the Inca jewelry was melted down by Spanish conquerors in the 1500’s. However, a few pieces survived. These include large round rings, armbands, headdresses, masks ornate necklaces, and earrings. The Maya Indians of southern Mexico and Central America mad jewelry of gold, jade, and other materials in the region. The Maya created bracelets, large necklaces, and ceremonial masks with geometric designs.

Modern Jewelry – Most jewelry today is machine made. However, many expensive pieces are created by hand. Fine American Indian jewelry is still handcrafted. Many people make jewelry as a hobby. Costume jewelry, which is inexpensive mass-produced jewelry, is also popular. Also referred to as Fashion Jewelry, accessories that are made from base metal and other non-precious materials are mainly manufactured in South East Asia. Categories of Fashion Jewelry include, but are not limited to our product catalog of Fashion Jewelry, Thread Earrings, Jewelry Sets, Shell Necklaces, Fashion Necklaces, Bangle Bracelets, Thread Earrings, Celebrity Jewelry, Headbands and Fashion Headbands.

Fashion Jewelry are accessories that are made from base metal and other non-precious materials are mainly manufactured in South East Asia. Categories of Fashion Jewelry include, but are not limited to our product catalog of Fashion Jewelry, Thread Earrings, Jewelry Sets, Shell Necklaces, Fashion Necklaces, Bangle Bracelets, Celebrity Jewelry, Headbands and Fashion Headbands. We also offer Wholesale Fashion Jewelry.

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Make a Scarf Headband


Scarf headbands are atop the fashion list and its versatility can transform your dull look into a fashionista goddess!

Scarf Headbands are some of the easiest headbands to make with limited materials. Scarf Headbands are lightweight and contain an aura of sophistication sure to impart a stylish personality of your favorite star.

Tips for a scarf headband

Purchase a designed fabric of length at least 4-5 feet or more and width of 8-10 inches. For a 54 inch fabric, cut a rectangle of 1½ yards(54 inches,140 cms) long and 6 inches(14 cms) wide. To make a hem on all edges, turn under ¼ inch. Turning the hem towards the right side and covering it up with the trim is yet another style, usually adopted by dancers.


Follow these instructions keenly, to get an idea of the simple way in the making of a scarf headband.

1) The first step is to take the measurement around the head to the nape of your neck.

2) It should be noted that the rectangle of fabric is double the width of the headband. You should have at least the length of the circumference of the head minus ~3 inches (this is to enable the elastic band to incorporate into it and allow it to stretch).

3) Cut a rectangle on the fabric fold, suppose 10×5.5″. After cutting it, make sure that you measure on the bottom ends of each side about ½” and mark it clearly, then carefully draw a line up to the top most corners and you’ll have a tapered rectangle. Then unfold it, and this in turn is the base of the headband.

4) Pin the right sides together and sew a seam with a seam allowance of your choice. Press the seam lightly so when you turn it inside out so that it won’t get clustered.

5) Turn tube inside out and press the seam well, down to the centre of the band. The band is done.

6) If you don’t wish to have “ties”, then you are free to sew it on to the elastic hair band. (Try 12″lenght, 4.5″ width at top and 6″ at the bottom). Pursue any shape you love to have.

7) In case, you like to have a pointed edge on your “ties”, use a ruler to draw a line (at an angle) from the bottom corners of the rectangle.

8) Pin the right sides of both sews together and sew it, cut corners for easier turning and turn it right-side-out.

9) Once again press well, fold up the ends of your band piece, (as seen in the picture), then insert the tie’s unfinished end into the opening. Pin and sew both ties on.

10) Thread tie through elastic band, sew a casing around it, on the same line. Same with the other side as well, make sure you are sewing with your ties facing the same direction.

Scarf Headbands


Make a Soft or Baby Headband


Baby headbands for moms who love to dress up their baby girls!

Baby Headbands can be custom made to match all baby outfits. Of course, the baby headband is as cute as your own baby! Baby Headbands are quite simple to make, so let’s get started..

Materials needed: ¼” Elastic, ½”Elastic and Satin

Elastic is an essential matieral that enables you to make a wide variety of baby girls’ headbands which are beautiful and easy to assemble. Small silk flowers and other suitable fabrics, Velcro, ribbon, bows, and strands of tiny beads enhance the beauty of the head band. All these should completely encircle the head. (Plastic or normal Fashion Headbands which go from behind one ear across the top of the head, to behind the other ear are not suitable for babies as they could incur injuries).


1. Measure the circumference of the baby’s head and cut a piece of elastic of the same size.

2. Take a strip of fabric about ½ inches in width and approximately 2″ longer than the elastic.

3. On a sewing machine, place elastic piece on top of the fabric and stitch the elastic to the end.

4. Fold the side edge of the fabric 1/4″, then over onto the elastic, now fold the opposite side over 1/4″, then over onto the elastic and the fabric.

5. Sew down the middle, stretching elastic out during stitching.

6. Hold the elastic at each end, stretch, and guide through the stitching process.

7. Remove it from the clip threads, when it reaches the end. With right sides together, stitch the two ends of the headband together, back stitch and stitch again.


Baby head bands can be decorated by sewing on small silk flowers, leaves or pearls. You can adorn the entire band with flowers. Satin, folded into a rose shape, foam shapes from a craft store, or fabric pieces cut into assorted shapes can be a hallmark for its beauty. Rhinestones, sequins, veil netting, and little satin bows can be attached on to the headband. A small piece of Velcro on the top of the headband accompanied with floral arrangements, bows and pearls or any other cute stuffs, is yet another style. Headbands, in basic girl’s colors like white, pink, yellow and green, make it lovely! You can make these headbands in a wide version, by using the 1/2″ elastic, or the narrow version by using the 1/4″ elastic.

Another different way to make a baby’s headband is to:

1. Purchase a girls’ headband of the cloth type and place on baby’s head for measurements.

2. Measure the inches from one end of the headband to the other, while on baby’s head.

3. Wrap the headband in ribbon, starting at one end, wrapping the entire head band, then ending by allowing the ribbon to reach from the last end, back to the first end, with the allowed extra measurement. This will be a headband with a piece of ribbon attaching the two ends together.

4. Decorate it with soft and cute materials.(as said above)

A unique way to adorn your baby and show her off to the entire neighbourhood.


Heidi Klum Fashion Biography

Heidi Klum (pronounced “Kloom”) was born on 1st June 1973 in a small city of Bergische Gladbach in Germany. Virtually fated to be a fashion super model, Heidi’s father was Gunther, was employed in a cosmetics company, while her mother Erna was a hairdresser.

Supermodel and mom-to-be Heidi Klum also has her own line of costume jewelry specially designed with supermodels in mind. The German gorgeousness super model cooperated with Mouawad, a world famous jewelry house for the creation her new jewelry collection called the “Mouawad Klum Compilation”.

While visiting the country of Italy awhile back, Heidi Klum was strongly intrigued by a clover decorative marble inlay that she saw in the city Milan in Italy. The clover decorative marble inlay at the Duomo in Milan impressed her a great deal and motivated her to feature the symbol in her own work. She has grown her selection to an extensive range of jewelry in her own brand name.

Heidi envisioned the clover as an ornamentation piece and uttered her wish to feature the symbol into the design of a jewelry line. “I think it’s beautiful as a woman to have a good luck charm that you can keep with you that someone can give to you. It’s sugary and significant,” says Heidi. The clover ornamentation has long been accepted as the worldwide symbol of good fortune and remains the leading theme of the Heidi Klum jewelry Collection. The compilation is for the fashion aware woman of today’s world whose preference in jewelry is eternal and elegant; much similar to Heidi Klum Fashion, individual style and beauty.

She also fashioned her own scent, called “Heidi”, which is at present offered for sale through her own website on the Internet. But the jewelry, which is available through Heidi Klum brand, is very expensive and not everyone can afford it, so people look for lots of other similar options, which are equally good and also provide the same type of fashion with a much lesser price. See our Heidi Klum Inspired Jewelry.

This is where Tano Jewelry is here to the rescue. The styles and designs are inspired from actual celebrities and designers. Also identified as imitation jewelry, our celebrity inspired jewelry is made up of earrings, fashion, necklaces, bracelets, headbands or simply celebrity styles. These celebrities include movie stars, TV stars, musicians, models and socialites. Shop Celebrity Inspired Jewelry.

The entire selection of our celebrity replica jewelry is priced under $25. Our website displays pictures of the hottest celebrities and the celebrity inspired jewelry they wear. Tano Jewelry gives you similar, unique celebrity inspired jewelry that is stunning and reasonably priced. Add your style to these Celebrity Jewelry and Make It Your Own!


Headband Styles


What is Headband?

A Headband is a fashion accessory made up of cloth, metal, plastic or a combination of these materials. Sports headbands are worn on the forehead and generally used to prevent hair from falling on a person’s face or sweat going into their eyes. Fashion Headbands are worn on the top of a person’s head and used to hold hair back while looking fashionable. Fashion Headbands are more stylish and trend conscious. For example, a Burberry Style Headband takes a current fashion trend in Burberry and creates a fashionable headband. A Burberry Headband can cost upwards of $150, whereas a fashion headband made of the same design costs below $15.

Different Headband Styles

Scarf headbands

A scarf with a built in headband to keep its own shape while displaying the look of a regular scarf.

Designer Style Headbands

Headbands patterned after famous designers and color and cloth patterns. Often called faux or fake designer headbands.

Polka Dot Headband

Headbands decorated with polka dots. Polka Dot headbands became popular in the 70’s and are returning in the 1990’s with the cycle of fashion trends.

Fashion Headbands

Fashion Headbands are made according the current fashion tends. Celebrities and stars wear the most modern fashion headband styles. Fashion headbands give the wearer a stylist look and feel at an affordable cost. Headbands manufacturers are regularly coming up with new designs of fashion headbands.

Jelly headbands

Jelly Headbands looks like an unbreakable headband but it is in fact made of a plastic or rubber with an attached rubber band for grip.

Braided Headbands

Braided Headbands are usually made of cloth or leather. The creator takes two or more strands of material and weaves them into the shape of a headband.

Plastic Headbands

The Plastic Headbands are made up of plastic and are available in different shapes, sizes and colors.

Sports Headbands

Sports headbands are specially made for sportsmen/women for capturing from sweat. Sports headbands are commonly used in Baseball, Basketball and Tennis.

Laurel leaf headband

Laurel leaf headbands are made up of light plastic leaves and available in various shapes and sizes. Laurel Leaf Headbands are generally worn during plays and theater. Commonly worn with Julius Cesar costumes.

Bandana Cloth headband

As the name suggests it is made up of Bandana cloth with plastic. It is often decorated with jewels.

Bow headbands

Bow headbands are comprised of a headband with large classic bow attached. Bow headbands are made to comfortably fit babies and older girls.

Flower headbands

The flower headbands are made up of artificial flowers. Flowers headbands are often used in the celebrated during the Easter Holiday.

Metal Headbands

A Metal Headband is made up of metal strips which are bent into the shape of a half arc and adorned with cloth, jewels and other decorations.


Fashion Jewelry Sets



The meaning of the word “Jewelry” is accurately any piece of material that somebody uses to decorate. It can be made out of almost every substance known to man and is made to decorate almost all body parts. Jewelry includes but is not limited to: hairpins, belly button rings, toe jewels, regal tiaras, diamond ornaments, pendants, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. While lots of high-class ornaments are made up from gemstones like diamonds, sapphires and metals like platinum and titanium, the cheaper costume jewelry or fashion jewelry is manufactured from base metals and less valuable materials.

Fashion Jewelry Sets

A fashion jewelry set is normally comprised of a necklace and a pair of earrings. Braclets can also be a piece in a jewelry set.

1) Necklace

A necklace can be a gold, silver, metallic or another other material in a round or oval shape to be worn around a person’s neck. When you chose a necklace, be sure that it is strong and appropriately sized so it does not wear out early. Always go in for a necklace with suits your style.

2) Earrings

Earrings come in many designs, shapes and sizes. Earrings in a set are meant to match the design and style of the centerpiece necklace. Pick the earring set that works with your own style. Earrings in a jewelry set are often used without the necklace and can be suitable at job interview or a wedding. One of the latest earring designs is the Thread Earrings or String Earrings. Thread Earrings are handmade around the world and mostly in Peru.

3) Bracelets

Bracelets can be a piece of a jewelry sets and are often used outside the set. A classic bangle bracelet can be a perfect accessory to a jewelry set.

A Necklace, pair of Earrings and sometimes a Bracelet often comprises a Jewelry Set.

Types of Jewelry Sets

Pearl jewelry set – A Pearl jewelry set is made up of a pearl necklace and pearl earrings. Pearl jewelry are often expensive.

Bridal jewelry sets – Bridal jewelry sets are usually based on conventional styles. Gold jewelry sets are often used at wedding. The right bridal jewelry sets can be a perfect compliment to a bride’s ensemble, while always keeping in mind that your individual style and budge is most important.

Rhinestone jewelry Set – Rhinestone jewelry sets are also specially made for weddings and pageants. These imitation sets are made to mimic costly diamond jewelry sets.

See Fashion Jewelry Sets for under $25



Costume Jewelry


Choosing your jewelry is no different than choosing your wardrobe and the right choice of the resplendent costume jewelry keeps you within your comfort zone and personal fashion style despite of the plethora of jewelry and accessories in the fashion industry. For a quick and relatively affordable way to update your look, consider the latest trends in fashion – unique styles that are not to be missed! Costume jewelry, is undoubtedly flashy compliments the passion of women with a sense of strong individuality.

Mix and match your jewelry with your outfits, an impeccable way for you to be daring, dramatic or down right breath taking. Gone are the days of tasteless and lackluster designs, and today “woman” is on the look out for something “fascinating” and “unusual”, enlivening her natural looks, absolutely “a dream come true” for her! Tano jewelry, presents stunning jewelry with its luminous display of various colors, definitely makes any evening or casual outfit most elegant with facets shimmering in the candle light.

Perhaps, the most popular jewelry that is favored by it’s grace and elegance is the jewelry that exudes personality. Strictness of forms, laconic simplicity of lines and proportions, sophistication of décor and refinement of shapes is the main sign of the classical style it offers, at affordable prices!

Costume Jewelry!

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