Double Headbands

The double headband is a fairly new hair accessory and we are very grateful for it. What a simple thought! Who would have thought such a simple twist on an old standby would make such a lovely statement. Reasonable prices, multiple fabrics and a plethora of colors in the double headband can be found at Tano Jewelry. Wear it once and you’ll get so many compliments you’ll want even more.

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It's the perfect time for a Double Headband! Double Headbands are light, fun and come in a variety of fabulous choices. Mix and match and don't pass on the hottest trend in headband fashion. Find your favorite and make it your own!

Double Headbands have been one of the most popular headband styles for the past six months. Variations of thin headbands have been dominating headband styles lately and double skinny headbands are no exception. Whether it's a designer inspired print or a classic black double headband, you can't go wrong!

The easiest way you can look effortlessly elegant without spending hours in front of the mirror? A choc double headband is the perfect accessory to add to your bag. These beautiful double headbands are the perfect accessory for any outfit in your closet. You can look sophisticated and pulled together with a low pony and a simple black double headband in your hair. Paris Hilton pulls this look off on the red carpet all of the time and now you can too. If you want to go a little more casual, try a messy updo with a double headband to keep hair out of your face and look sweet while you do it.

There are an endless array of styles and colors available to choose from in double headbands. One of the chicest headband styles on the market, you can't go wrong with this hot Hollywood trend. If you want to keep things elegant, try a basic black double headband to compliment any outfit in your closet. This headband will take you from day to evening with ease. Perfect dressed up with a stylish pantsuit for daywear, you'll exude subtle sophistication with this hair accessory. If you're late for a date or other special occasion, a trendy double headband is the perfect choice to keep your mane tame and still look like you spent time perfecting your look. One headband rule: darker hues generally pop more on blondes, while brights and whites are the perfect color to pop against darker hair colors and skin tones.

And now you can jump in on this season's hot jewel tones by grabbing a double headband in bright turquoise or a beautiful raspberry hue. Pair it with a sweet flats or an oversized handbag and you’ve got the perfect trendy combination.

You can also indulge your retro side with funky double headbands in a variety of patterns and contrasting colors. Swirls of red, green and blue will look so hip and bold, you don't have to worry about matching it with anything else in your outfit- it's not supposed to match!

Also available are double headbands that are inspired by the jelly headband style. These headbands feature chunky, bold style in basic colors like black and metallic to give any outfit in your closet a funky twist. Paired with this season's knee-high boots, you'll look pulled together all day long.

If you're aiming for a bolder look, try a double headband with funky accessories attached. Brightly hued gems are the perfect accessory to compliment your funky-chic look. Headbands are meant to be a fun expression of your personality. If you’re a bold and funky gal, go for a double jelly headband. If you like to keep things simple, stick with a basic style in a bright color. The key is to wear what you like; don't buy something because it's trendy, buy it because you like it and it's trendy.