Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys Fashion has run the whole gamut from old school, ‘round the block hip hop to chic sophistication. Above all, however, her evolutions make it clear that she believes in embracing who you are and showing off what you’ve got. If you are street chic, then embrace it; if you are sleek sophistication, then show that off, too. Let curves be the word, and never, ever be afraid to work them for all you’re worth.

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Alicia Keys Style: Like say, Alicia Keys has come a long way in her style. Everyone agrees that right now, she is the height of chic sophistication. Even when she’s casual, she is elegance personified. She is more than trendy, she is a trendsetter, with her denim jumpsuits and perfect mix. She has lately personified a kind of hip hop haute couture, combining designer threads with her own twist. For instance, it is not uncommon to see her strutting down the red carpet in a luscious form fitting dress, with one of her signature fedoras, cocked at a rakish angle.

Hair: Alicia’s hair has gone through the same style spectrum as her sense of fashion. Once upon a time, braids were her signature look. She then went natural for a while, sporting a glorious, curly main of wild hair. Nowadays, however, her hair is as sleek as her dress code. More often than not, she sports shining black hair, hanging in slight waves down past her shoulders. It is generally loose, but she’s also been known to put it up in a sophisticated chignon.

Make Up: Alicia Keys knows the first rule of make up – accentuate your best feature. The difference here is figuring out which feature she knows how to pick, they’re all so gorgeous! Like her style itself, her make up is soulful.

For instance, to mimic Alicia’s eye make up, you start off by doing up your eyes Egyptian style. Every woman is a queen, and going for Cleopatra curves is the best way to show off your sloe, sultry eyes. Use a beige eye shadow, putting it in just beneath your brow bone, then put a mossy green shade across your eyelid. Darken your brows a bit, and make sure to do a double coat of mascara – on the upper and lower eyelashes.

Since your eyes are what you’re really emphasizing, all you need for the rest of your face is a little concealer and a matte foundation; on top of that goes a very light dusting of a translucent power that matches your complexion. A little blush on the apples of your cheeks, and you’re all set!

Fashion: Unlike her early days, when she was frequently seen in jeans and wife beaters, Alicia has now embraced a more sophisticated style of fashion. She is refined, glamourous, and inherently feminine, from her choice of dress to the way she revels in showing off her curves.

Clothing Line: As of yet, Alicia Keys does not have her own clothing line – but there is a lot of talk in the works, so it’s definitely a possibility. If you do want to intimate her impeccable taste in style, however, here’s a hint: she’s awfully sweet on Armani.

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